It may seem like bad news comes out of Washington and Detroit pertaining to the Future of the Auto Industry. What’s happening with a business which we used to believe was impenetrable?

It is going to be intriguing to see if a clear turning point where the auto industry in America began its authoritative decline can be located by historians. Regardless of what the historians say later on, there isn’t any turning back to the golden age of automobile making in America as many tied to the business understand.

Why did this situation come to this type of head and do I hold little expectation for the future of the auto industry? Its hopeless for the United States to blow off the throngs of low-cost labour on the other side of the world desiring nothing more than to make goods and perform services for (relatively) well-off Americans.

Factory line occupations that workers turned up their noses at for decades are being snapped up in other nations, leaving Union members which were used to being overcompensated for their attempts whining about the specific situation. Finally, the low-cost goods and services which we have all come to want and expect, is necessarily going to place hundreds and thousands of our own blue collar workers out of jobs.

Yet this trial for American Business could be looked at as a chance for a large number of displaced workers that are going back to school and learning new trades or professions. This really is only still another instance of social Darwinism using itself – the powerful shall survive.

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