In today’s world, people are vying to earn money in easy ways, in quick ways and even on the side. One of the most popular techniques that have gained attention in the last few years is to start a blog for free and then earn from it. Getting a good information on best website hosting for wordpress helps a great deal. A very well written and panned out article on states that “If you’re looking to start a blog, be prepared to earn no money.” This adage could not be truer. For an amateur blogger or newbie generating revenue is a pipe dream. The beginning is full of pain, effort and no money if you are not a social media influencer already.
Though, the first part of the dream- to start a blog for free- is true. Both WordPress and Wix give you a platform where you can easily create a blog for free. But is it that easy? Are there no factors to consider before starting a blog? Here are a few things that are need-to-know before a blogger begins her/his journey:
Free means limited control. Platforms like, Blogger and Tumblr, are all free and very easy to use. But this means that the blogger is not the owner of the blog. There are limits to what the blogger can control and change. To have complete flexibility on the how the page looks, the design and even the web address, one needs to buy a domain name.
Binge-worthy content is king. In world full of blogs, how does one set himself apart? The answer is content. Yes, a good quantity of content will keep the traffic flowing to the blog but to maintain a reader base quality is important. Content so good or informative that the reader jumps from one page to another, in short, binging away the blog.
Writing well is not enough. A good post is nice, but just putting it on the ether is not enough. Being socially proactive so that people and readers know what is posted is equally important. Waiting for the world to find the blog post will lead to no traffic on the site.
SEO knowledge is a must for professional bloggers. For people who write as a hobby, very basic information of SEO is more than enough because they are not writing to generate traffic. But for people who blog professionally, a high traffic is needed to keep the blog alive. The easiest way to drive traffic to a blog is search engine optimization. So, learn a few tips and tricks to increase reader base effectively.
Stealing of content will become an issue at some point. For bloggers who have gained a good follower base, content thieving is a common problem. The best way to tackle the issue is to know your copyright laws and protect your written and visual content beforehand.
Guest post works both ways. Writing for influential blogs increases the online presences and drives readers to the blog. The point to remember here is to write within the niche of the blog. Posting guest blog post written by other authors will drive new traffic to the blog.

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