Moms in the 21st century are spoilt for choice when it comes to deciding how they want to transport their child. However, none are as versatile as travel systems, highly efficient carseat stroller combo systems that you can literally take anywhere. With many strollers and travel systems undergoing more rigorous testing every day, states that these methods of baby carriage are some of the best and safest, especially for long hauls. Each option provides its own benefits and has its own drawbacks. Since they so easily morph from one form to another, they are the most preferred

Depending on the brand, the travel systems may be sold as a multi-piece set complete with stroller and a child car seat along with smaller accessories or may be sold separately so that customers can customise it to their requirements. In many cases, the car seat and car seat base, which remains in the car, are sold together so that there is no danger of an unattached seat sliding around the back. The infant car seat itself clicks back into the stroller frame when required, making it the perfect transition piece between both worlds.

One of the main advantages of a travel system is its versatility. It is available in a plethora of configurations, styles and prices. This makes finding the one that best suits your needs very easy. Most manufacturers think of everything that a baby and its mother would need within their grasp and then some. Many come with fully reclined seats that are perfect for newborn children, others come with removable trays that serve as activity surfaces for older children. Storage space under the seat and near the handle as well as cup holders, reflectors for night strolls and hand braking systems are a common feature in travel systems.

The load a travel system can bear varies from 40-55 lbs, depending on the material used for the frame and the purpose of the travel system. Because of this, many travel systems are heavier than your average stroller. This makes it difficult for new parents to carry the travel system onto public transport and staircases. They are also larger – even folded up, they take up a larger space than a stroller which means the stroller will need to be checked in at the airport and cannot be stored in the overhead compartment. The weight and size mean that travel systems also take up a larger portion of the sidewalk and require a bigger turning radius.

It is important to remember that a travel system also acts as a safety system for your child. Always make sure that you can buy the best travel system your budget will allow. Don’t be distracted by the accessories or a low price but rather look for a sturdy yet light frame, effective safety features such as padded harnesses and a full warranty in case any parts need replacing. Not only will a travel system give you peace of mind but it will prove indispensable when toting your child around the city.