Childhood is the time when learning ability is at its maximum. Children are always curious to learn about new things. Giving your children a chance to learn a few other skills in addition to their academics would help in their overall development. Piano training is excellent for kids who have a flair for music. Here are a few things that you must do before beginning your child’s piano lessons!

Get him/her a good piano!
This is the basic prerequisite before starting piano classes. Check the reviews of pianos at and choose the best one for your kid. Your child would love to have a piano of his/her own. This would give him/her a chance to get in touch with the basics even before starting the classes. Once the classes have started, a piano at home is a must to practice the lessons and learn it thoroughly. Check out for some inspiring piano music!

A piano tool which is height adjustable
Buying just the piano alone would not serve the purpose. Your child should be able to sit comfortably and play the piano effortlessly. A height adjustable stool is a must for him/her. So, get one and let him/her enjoy playing the piano easily.

Make sure he/she knows to read musical notes
In order to read the musical notes, your child should be able to read the alphabets from A to G and backward. This won’t be a matter for children who are above four years or so. But if your child is at a very young age, then let him/her gain the basic reading skill first. You need not worry about the technical side too much; if your child loves playing piano, let him/her play it to his/her mind’s content and enjoy it. They will learn to read the musical notes and play it accordingly as they grow up!

Your encouragement matters!
Once you realize that your child has an interest in music, it is your duty to encourage him/her wholeheartedly. They would love to play for you what they learn in the classes. Do not expect perfection in the beginning; appreciate their efforts and praise them. This would motivate them to be experts in future.

Enjoy piano performances together
A lot of piano performances of different levels are available on the internet. Choose the ones which your kid would enjoy. Take time to sit and watch it with you kid. This would inspire them to take piano classes.

Your child must be ready!
You should not force any extracurricular activity on your child until he/she is fully ready. It is their interest that should be given the maximum importance. If they are interested, then think of the other factors like their age, their attention span, their hand-eye coordination, finger size, and strength, etc. If you find that they are physically and mentally capable to start piano lessons, then don’t hesitate. Let them start learning! If you think they need to grow up a bit more to take up official classes, then let them enjoy playing it at home without any rules imposed!

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