Every guy loves his vehicle and can spend time with the vehicle even without looking at his watch. Every guy who loves his vehicle love’s floor jack too. Floor jacks are a part of every garage and service stations. Floor jacks are catering both small repairs and major services. Low–profile jacks such as arcan xl35 are used for small repair works. Websites such as www.off-road.com/ help us remain updated with the news on automobile industry thereby aiding us in choosing the right product for our vehicle. This article will educate you on usage of floor jacks and extensions.

Floor Jack And Its Problem:

A floor jack is a must-needed one when it comes to working on cars. They are used to lift and lower the vehicle and cannot be used as holders. Sometimes, the floor jack may not lift high enough. Usually, we use something solid like a block or wood or metal to wedge the gap between the floor jack and the vehicle resulting in scrubbing the ground beneath it.Engineering has gifted us with various floor jack extension products which replace the wood or metal block.

How To Use Floor Jack And The Extender?

We should always buy good quality floor jack as we may work beneath the vehicle when the vehicle is lifted. Check whether the floor jack can bear the weight of the vehicle. So, the floor jack should have enough capacity to bear the weight of the vehicle. Sometimes the situation may not demand an extension but a heavy floor jack.

When vehicle you deal had a lot of suspension travel, and then definitely need a specific type of jack extension. Floor jack extensions usually use a keyed base or captive spindle and socket design which is a secure design. Some jack extensions use a machined channel which positions it well with the frame. Whatever be the model, the vehicle contact surface of the jack extension should be at a minimum.

We may use engineered manufactured jack extension or an improvised model, but what is more important is the extension that remains in position when Jack is maneuvered. In improvised jack extensions, if the saddle extension moves, the load which may no longer be centered on the jack saddle, which is not advisable.

After positioning the jack beneath the jack point, the jack saddle should be raised steadily. This is done in order to confirm the alignment of the floor jack extension with the jack point. After the floor jack and extension begin to compress under load, we should visually verify that the floor jack is applying load vertically. Horizontal loading will cause slippage.

While initially loading the floor jack extension, verify whether the wheels of the vehicle are chocked. After verifying it, we may proceed with lifting the vehicle as usual. If want to lower a vehicle with a floor jack extension, it is nothing but a reversal of the same procedures.

Floor jack and the extension help us work with our vehicle safely and conveniently. We should have necessary guidance before using the same. I hope the above article catered to your need in handling floor jacks.

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